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Instead of giving into the moodiness and attitude, take them to our martial arts school instead!

Teenagers are smart and capable – but they can also be their own worst enemies. Between peer pressure, their innate urge to rebel against their parents, and their surging hormones, they can be impossible to be around. But all they need is an outlet for their frustrations – and an opportunity to learn how to be their best.



Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!



Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Does Your Teenager Need Help Becoming Their Best Selves?

Instead of giving into the moodiness and attitude, take them to our martial arts school instead!

Teenagers are smart and capable – but they can also be their own worst enemies. Between peer pressure, their innate urge to rebel against their parents, and their surging hormones, they can be impossible to be around. But all they need is an outlet for their frustrations – and an opportunity to learn how to be their best.



Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!



They make hasty, poorly-considered decisions and need to have better judgment.

They’re being bullied at school – or they’re the one doing the bullying. They don’t get enough exercise or need to lose weight.

They have low self-esteem and seem to be down all the time. They give up when things get difficult and fail to meet their goals.



Luckily there is a comprehensive solution…

It can test your sanity even at the best of times. Yet, you want the best for your teenager. You want them to have the tools they need to succeed now and later in life – and you’d like that to happen without having to pull out all your hair in the process. Getting them to do anything you want them to do can feel utterly impossible, and you’re not sure where to start.
Studying martial arts helps kids learn how to overcome their problems and learn important lessons – the kind of lessons that will follow them to your home, to the classroom, and for the rest of their lives.



Teenagers who study martial arts learn the benefits of self-control and discipline with every lesson. Our classes emphasize core values like discipline, respect, and persistence. Students learn that the way they treat others – in and out of the dojo – reflects on them as people and affects their ability to achieve their goals.

Learn the Value of Respecting Themselves & Others

Teens sometimes seem to be all attitude and no respect – in fact, it can seem like they go out of the way to respect all authority figures.
In our martial arts school, respect is a core discipline. Students must treat their instructor and fellow students with respect at all times.
Ultimately, teens who study martial arts learn that when they respect themselves, others will respect them, too.


Discipline Translates to School, Home, & Beyond

Teenagers tend to take the easy way out when presented with challenges at home and at school.
Martial arts classes teach teenagers to discipline themselves in the pursuit of desired goals.
As they achieve their goals, they learn to appreciate the role that discipline played in getting them there.


Learn How to Make Smart Decisions

It’s very common for teenagers to make snap decisions based on their emotions, without considering the possible consequences of such hastily-made choices.
In our martial arts classes, teens learn that their first instincts aren’t always their best instincts. We teach them how to evaluate situations and make wise decisions instead of fast ones.
Over time, the decision-making process becomes ingrained and helps them in other areas of life, too.


Judgment is an Essential Skill in Martial Arts

Whether they’re in a martial arts class or in a competition, the difference between a good performance and a poor one often comes down to judgment.
Students learn how to make judgments on the fly using the information they have on hand in conjunction with their training.
They also learn how to differentiate between good instincts and bad ones – and to use that information to make judgments.

Helps Bullied Teens Feel Strong and Proud

Bullying is a huge problem in high schools around the country, and if your child is being bullied, you know that something needs to change.
Studying martial arts helps teens respect themselves, make the most of their natural talents and capabilities, and carry themselves with strength.
Ultimately, kids who feel good about themselves are less likely to be bullied than kids who don’t.

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Aggressive Teens Learn How to Control Themselves

Teen who bully their peers often do so because they lack self-esteem and they don’t know what to do with the fear, anger, and aggression.
Martial arts instruction helps teens corral their aggression and channel it into something positive. It teaches them that violence and unkindness are not the answer to their problems.
In our martial arts school, all students must respect their instructors and one another. As aggressive teens learn to respect themselves and others, they no longer feel the need to bully.

Get Your Kids Off the Couch and into Martial Arts

It might seem like your teenager would happily spend all day sitting on the couch playing video games or posting on social media.
The electronics epidemic might be a good thing in many ways, but teenagers still need physical activity to stay fit and healthy.
Martial arts classes provide teens with challenging workouts in a fun, social setting that rivals any video game.


Excess Pounds Melt Away

Obesity among children and teens has become an epidemic, and many teenagers struggle to lose weight and get in shape.
Martial arts workouts can help them do it. They combine intense cardiovascular exercise with muscle toning to help teens drop pounds and get in shape.
Our instructors stress the importance of good habits, including a healthy diet and exercise, to give teens the tools they need to lose weight and keep it off.

Teens Deserve to Feel Good About Themselves

It’s not uncommon for teenagers to feel inadequate, sad, and lonely. They’re hard on themselves and may struggle with self-esteem issues.
In our martial arts classes, they learn that they have skills and capabilities that make them strong and resourceful – and they learn how to make the most of their bodies and minds.
Over time, getting control of their bodies and minds helps build self-esteem and confidence.


Managing Stress Helps Teens Succeed

As adults, we sometimes dismiss the idea that kids experience stress – but the truth is that teenagers deal with stress every day.
Peer pressure, grades, and college applications, combined with hormones and interpersonal issues, can add up to a huge stress load for modern teenagers.
Martial arts classes give kids a positive and healthy outlet for the stress, helping them to keep anxiety under control.

Martial Arts Classes Teach Teens Not to Give Up

Teenagers often take the easy way out of problems when they can – even if they know that the alternative might be better.
In our martial arts school, we emphasize the importance of learning proper form and staying in control, neither of which is possible without persistence and discipline.
The regular pursuit of small goals helps teens learn the value of persistence both in and out of our school.


How to Set (and Achieve) Goals

Teens sometimes seem not to care about setting goals either in the short-term or the long-term.
The study of martial arts requires them to pursue goals on a regular basis. Each skill they learn, and each belt they earn, represents a goal that they have achieved.
Goal-setting in this way provides teens with the tools they need to set achievable goals in school, at home, and in life.

I’ve been a member for approximately 3 years. Great place to teach your kids about respect and integrity with the major focus on self defense. Safe environment to learn from great instructors. I highly recommend Kirin Martial Defense and Empower Boxing for people of all ages.


Dan Rodwell

My son has been training at Kirin for 8 years. It has been such a positive experience for him. The lessons he has learned there have impacted him both at the club as well as in life. The discipline and goal setting that he’s learned from the club has transferred to his school and part time job. I highly recommend this club to everyone, of any age and any ability.


Heather Bolech

Fantastic, patient and knowledgeable Instructors. Very highly recommended for all ages.


Jennifer Johnston

Fantastic club that puts members needs ahead of everything else. Excellent friendly atmosphere and top notch instructors. I can’t recommend this place enough. They take what they do very seriously but make learning and getting fit fun for everyone regardless of skill level. 5 stars for sure!


Chris Kemp

Kirin holds a special place in my heart. I attained my second degree black belt, confidence and lifelong friends. The instruction I received was superb. I now attend empower boxing and I love the high energy, fun workout every. single. class.


Dawn Dolloff



Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!



Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!


My teen doesn’t respect me at all. Can studying martial arts change that?

Yes. Respect is a core value in our martial arts school, and all students learn to respect their instructors, fellow students, and their parents.

My teenager’s attitude is driving me crazy. What can you do to help?

Teenagers often have bad attitudes, but the root of it is often a lack of self-respect and self-esteem. Studying martial arts helps them focus and feel good about themselves – and that translates to a better attitude outside the martial arts school, too.

I can’t believe how poor my teen’s judgment is. Can studying martial arts make a difference?

Yes. Martial arts classes require teens to learn and then apply lessons to decisions in real time in our martial arts school. That’s a skill that they will carry with them everywhere they go.

Will taking martial arts classes make my teenager less prone to making careless and thoughtless decisions?

We teach teenagers the value of respect, discipline, and judgment, and they learn that knee-jerk decisions are often not the right ones.

My teenager feels like they have a target on their back. How can studying martial arts help?

Teens who study martial arts learn to carry themselves with strength and confidence, and that makes them less likely to be targeted by bullies. They also learn how to defend themselves if necessary.

Can taking martial arts classes help my teen defend themselves against bullies?

Yes. Martial arts instruction builds strength, flexibility, and control. We teach basic self-defense moves that any teen can use to defend themselves if they need to.

My teenager spends all day playing video games – won’t they resist the idea of taking a Fitness & Weight Loss class?

They might – but martial arts classes are fun and social, and kids also see them as cool. We’re used to a little resistance, but we also know how to get teens interested in what we teach, and keep them interested.

Will studying martial arts help my teenager get in shape?

Yes. Martial arts workouts combine cardio with muscle-building and toning for a fantastic, all-over workout that can get anyone in shape.

My teenager has low self-esteem and I’m worried. How can studying martial arts help them feel better about themselves?

Martial arts instruction focuses on self-respect, strength, control, and discipline. When a teen feels respected in our martial arts school – and respects themselves – then they feel better at home and in school, too.

I’m afraid that my teen might be depressed. Is studying martial arts something that can fight depression?

It can, but it’s not a replacement for therapy and other remedies for depression. Exercise of any kind releases endorphins, feel-good hormones that give people a mood boost. However, someone who has depression should also talk to a doctor and get appropriate treatment.

My teenager starts things and gives them up all the time. Why should I expect martial arts to be different?

Teens who want to excel in martial arts must make a commitment to continued study. We can’t guarantee that your teen will stick to it, but we can tell you that our instructors encourage persistence and teach teens that they can’t achieve their goals if they give up.

I want my kid to try harder in school and at home. Will studying martial arts help with that?

Yes. In our teen martial arts classes, kids learn that the best way to achieve their goals is to put their hearts and souls into them. Hard work is always rewarded in our martial arts school, and that shows kids the benefits of giving every endeavor their best effort.

Can studying martial arts make my teenager less lazy?

Yes. Nobody succeeds in martial arts without discipline, and we teach teenagers the benefits of self-discipline and steady achievement.

Teachers tell me my teen isn’t living up to their potential. How can martial arts help?

Martial arts classes teach teens to push themselves and be disciplined about the pursuit of their goals. These are basic life skills that teens take with them to school.

My teen doesn’t give any thought to how their actions affect others. Can you help?

Yes. In our martial arts school, every action and decision impacts the student, the instructor, and others in the class. We teach teens that actions have consequences.

Can learning martial arts make my teenager more responsible and mature?

Yes. Martial arts instruction emphasizes the mind-body connection and teaches teens to be mindful and aware of what they do.

I’m worried that my teen is overly aggressive. Won’t studying martial arts make it worse?

No. Martial arts classes don’t encourage aggression. They teach kids to control their anger and to respect everybody – and those things can help them curb their aggression and find a positive outlet for it.

My teen picks on other kids. How can studying martial arts curb that tendency?

Two of the core tenets of martial arts are respect and discipline. When teens learn those values, they also learn that they can only respect themselves when they respect others. Kids who respect themselves don’t feel the need to pick on other kids.

My teenager is overweight. Will your classes help them lose weight?

Yes, especially when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Martial arts workouts burn a ton of calories and they teach kids the benefit of exercise to their overall health.

Will my teen learn about a healthy lifestyle in martial arts class?

Yes. Our instructors talk to students about the importance of giving their bodies healthy fuel, and of getting sufficient sleep. The emphasis is on giving their bodies what they need to be fit, strong, and healthy.

My teen takes on too much work and seems to be stressed out all the time. Will taking martial arts classes help them manage their stress?

Yes. Stress is common among teenagers and it’s important for them to learn how to manage it. Martial arts classes teach them that they can control negative emotions and how they react to them, and they also provide a healthy outlet for stress and aggression.

Can your classes help stop my teen from taking their stress out on other people?

Yes. Teenagers often accumulate a lot of anger and stress, and they need to have outlets to get rid of those feelings. Kicking, punching, and other martial arts move release those emotions in a healthy and beneficial setting – and make it less likely that they’ll feel the need to take them out on you.

Can martial arts classes teach my teen how to set goals for themselves?

Absolutely. Martial arts students set and pursue goals constantly. The goals are always incremental, and that teaches teens to make slow and steady progress.

My teen needs a boost of confidence to believe they can achieve their goals – can learning martial arts help?

Yes. Every move they learn in martial arts class, and every belt they earn, takes them one step closer to their overall goal of mastery. Any student who puts in the work can achieve their goals in our martial arts school.


Bad attitudes are not tolerated in our martial arts school, and kids learn that respect is a requirement in life.

Teens learn to respect themselves.

Martial arts students must discipline themselves to achieve their goals.

Repetition and memorization build discipline and increase the odds of success.

Teens learn that carelessness can be costly.

Making good judgments in our martial arts school helps kids make good judgments elsewhere.

Control and thoughtful decision-making are essential in martial arts.

As teens learn moves, they also must learn to make decisions about when to use them.

Martial arts classes build strength.

Kids who carry themselves with confidence are unlikely to be bullied

Martial arts students learn to control their aggression.

Bullies learn to respect other teens inside and outside the studio.

Martial arts classes help teens build and tone their muscles.

Teens improve their balance, flexibility, and strength.

Calorie-burning workouts help teens drop excess weight.

Regular workouts improve metabolism.

Teens who work out feel good about themselves.

Kids who feel strong and powerful on the outside feel good on the inside, too.

Exercise improves sleep and reduces anxiety.

Teens work off their stress in a positive environment.

Martial arts students benefit from persistence in our martial arts school.

In martial arts classes, teens learn never to give up.

Martial arts instruction teaches kids how to set measurable and achievable goals.

Teens learn that small goals add up to big ones.



Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!